Anyone having issues adding Apple Pay?

I don’t want to add to the queue of people on chat so I thought I’d ask here if anyone’s experiencing issues with adding Apple Pay via the app?

I’m on the latest App Store version of the app (not TestFlight), on iOS 12 & have an iPhone XS Max…

I get the below after entering my PIN… :face_with_monocle:


I’ve never managed to add it from the app. Direct in the wallet app works fine.

Try through wallet app.

He is not on the TestFlight :wink:

apologies, can you tell it’s sunday morning :sleeping: :sweat_smile:

Not on TestFlight haha, also I have added via the wallet app. It tells me to call Monzo, so I call them and get the message “this line is only for queries, if you want to activate Apple Pay then contact us via the app”.

The wait in the app is 1 day for a response :weary:

I’ve always added straight from the app with no issues!

If you select your request as “urgent” I don’t believe it is

I spoke to someone, they’ve sorted it by asking me to add via the wallet app then they activated it!

Still odd that the app wouldn’t work though :face_with_monocle:

I do remember someone raised it a couple of weeks ago on this thread - not sure if the exact same problem as you but sounds similar.

I’ve had no issues and I have recently re-added it a day or so before he had this problem.

Same happened to me, although it was a new card and I tried again a few hours later and it worked.

Hi! :wave:
We’ve identified an issue where for some people, adding their card to Apple Pay from within the Monzo app may not work due to a bug in the app. This mainly impacts those who had prepaid beta cards.

This should be fixed in an upcoming version of the app, 2.20.0. Until then, adding your Monzo card through the Wallet app should continue to work.

If you continue to have problems adding your Monzo card to Apple Pay, contact support via. in-app chat and we’ll take a look into it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, it would if we weren’t forced to go through manual verification. Why is that happening? It’s a complete pain in the arse, especially as we’re asked for a ‘selfie’. SMS or email verification, please!

If I’m asked to do that again, I’m not providing a selfie, so you’ll have to find another authentication method.

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I’ve been thinking of alternative ways for this. I’m going to look into it on Monday.


Yeah the selfie option isn’t great! I’d be interested to hear some ideas :grinning:

@Rika, thanks for your response :blush:

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Why not? I mean maybe a pain but less so than someone committing Apple Pay fraud. We expect banks to cover us for any fraud losses we really shouldn’t complain about sensible and effective, if annoying, fraud prevention.

Now, security theatre, that I’m all for complaining about!

Maybe automated test to prevent that in the future hint hint nudge nudge

I’ve seen other FinTechs use the app as a means of authentication so you can enter all of the details within the Wallet app then it gives you the option to use the app to verify, you then open the app as you normally would and it pops up asking you to verify that it’s you.

If Monzo trusts the apps security then this should be enough :smiley:

Hi Rika, I´ve had the opposite experience as per my post just now in Introduction to Newcomers:

approaching the problem afresh I found the solution. My mistake was following Apple´s instructions to set up the card which involved scanning it and then referring me to Monzo via a phone number (as mentioned in my original message). Then when I went to the Monzo app it kept saying the card was already in the wallet. Having repeated this a dozen times (removing the card from the wallet each time) I then tried to set up the card STARTING with the Monzo app. Then it was a piece of cake and went through in seconds. So the conclusion is, if you want to set up Apple Pay do NOT follow the Apple (iPhone) instructions but go into the app and do it from there. Thanks to all,