Authorising Apple Pay

Hi can someone please advise how I get Monzo to authorise my card on Apple Pay?

If you type your question into the help section of the app you’ll get a guide that talks you through it step by step

Thanks but I can’t find it! It says on Apple Pay to phone the number to verify but when I phone none of the options are on there to do it

Try adding it directly to your wallet instead of through the Monzo app

I’ve already done this :frowning:

Drop Monzo a message in app. I’m sure they’ll help :slight_smile:

Remove the card, and try adding it again. You should get an option to verify it in the app, they don’t do phone verification.

Can someone tell me how I message in the app as I also can’t find how to do this lol

Type contact us into the help page

Thank you!

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