First Direct Treating Mondo Apple Pay Top-ups as International?

(Russell Macdonald) #1

Continuing the discussion from Apple Pay Top Ups:
I’ve topped up my Mondo card a few times using Apple Pay from my First Direct current account. On my First Direct statement, the transactions show up as “International”. Anyone else experienced this? Is this expected behaviour?

(Adam Hockley) #2

how you topping up using apple pay?

(Russell Macdonald) #3

Within the Mondo App > Your Card > Top Up.
The two options are:

  • Top Up Using a Debit Card
  • Apple Pay

(Adam) #4

Both of my previous top ups with FD using Pay have shown as international also.

Seems that Mondo uses JudoPay for payments so might be todo with how they process the payment?

(Jon Crozier) #5

My First Direct ApplePay transactions show as international too, though it’s the same for Paypal, iTunes and Amazon when using First Direct.