Apple Pay Question

Hi guys,

Just about to pull the trigger on a Mondo card, but can I register it on my iPhone as an ApplePay card ?
I really can’t see the point otherwise



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Not yet but it’s on the roadmap!


I wish that was supported, I’m not really using my Mondo because of that :frowning:

Please hurry up with this ! For me this should be a top priority :weary::weary::weary::weary:

Not basing this on anything that has been said at or about Monzo, only Wirecard and Apple but I don’t think you’ll see Monzo in Apple Pay until after current accounts launch in 2017. At the very least, that is where I would put my expectations.

Otherwise, it’s quite a lot of integration and paperwork to do and then have to throw most of away to rebuild when the Monzo service moves from being a prepaid card to a full bank. Even if Apple Pay and Android Pay cards with their tokenisation is the end goal for both security and speed/cost of opening a usable account.

I do feel your pain though, it’s always a difficult choice between using my Monzo card or Apple Pay. A decision that may be getting harder very soon with new Wallet functionality. :wink: I generally go Apple Pay for contactless above £30, Monzo for chip and PIN or below £30 contactless right now.

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I just would appreciate a month of release . I’m not using
Mondo much now as it just so much easier to whip out the phone. & safer. As contactless cards need no fingerprint check… So so sad all we get is soon …

You’re a regular & you probably know this already (so this is for the benefit of anyone else reading this thread) but it’s 6-9 months away, coincidentally the same time frame as the current accounts & debit cards :wink:

That seems like an eternity … oh well …?

As suggested in most threads where this has come up, I don’t think there’s much benefit to this from the Monzo Beta viewpoint. When the current account appears and they start offering services then I think it very likely but until then, while we’re testing for them, I don’t think we’ll see it.

I know I just feel like a child who overheard what he is getting for Xmas & can’t wait for Santa :weary::weary::weary::weary::weary:

At the risk of being kicked out of the geek bank club I must confess to never having used Apple Pay for anything except topping up my card.

Don’t worry, I’ve only used it a couple of times to actually pay for things! Barclays were too slow to launch it and I got hooked on my Mondo Alpha card before I got to experience the joys of Apple Pay in-store purchases, it’s just used to top up my Monzo account. :joy:

Apple Pay is pretty nice. However, contactless isn’t as prevalent as I would like so I’m sort of 50/50 on use. I’d love to use Apple Pay for TFL but it’s just not quick enough. I wish you could authorise it to allow TFL payments without having to confirm each time.

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Pre-arming is the key to speed, double tap the home button as you’re pulling your phone out of your pocket in the walk up to the gate and hold your thumb there for the Touch ID read, lifting off and placing again if you feel the Touch ID failure vibration. It’ll stay armed for 60 seconds allowing you to bring it in range of the reader. This movement gets a lot more reliable in iOS 10 and it’s lightning fast on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

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Prior to joining Mondo, I used Apple Pay 90% of the time. The other 10% is when a store did not have a contactless terminal. If I had to choose one feature to have right now it would Apple Pay functionality - I can wait for budgeting, the features of a full bank etc but not for this :tired_face:

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I think we’ve touched on this before. I never have a consistent hit rate when using the double tap. Since you informed me of the NFC wake I’ve moved to that. I might try again with iOS 10. I would like to remove the need for an oyster card.

I think we have, yes. iOS 10 improves it as simply resting your thumb on the home button at the lock screen no longer throws you to the home screen, reducing the number of failed double-press attempts. In doing that, it’s also now based on the same timings as the multi-tasking switcher verses returning to the home screen from an app.

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I think they should still release Apple Pay I mean wirecard do it so it can’t be that much paperwork to do surely?


Cool, definitely try again.