Interesting article about Apple Pay

(Justin) #1

I came across the following article about Apple Pay, which suggests that its adoption hasn’t been increasing to the extent that Apple were expecting. I have to admit that my own use has decreased, but that’s mainly due to my using my Monzo card for contactless transactions.

What are other people’s experiences?

(Bob) #2

My Apple Pay is linked to my First Direct debit card. Since using Monzo, both Apple Pay and my FD debit card have become virtually redundant.

Once Monzo start operating current accounts and I can link my Monzo debit card to Apple Pay I’ll start using Apple Pay rather more often :slight_smile:

EDIT: Come to think about it, I only use Apple Pay to top up my Monzo card… :joy:


I’ve only just started using Apple Pay as I was previously on Android and my bank did not support Android pay. Apple Pay to me isn’t a massive deal, it was cool to begin with but it’s no quicker or easier than normal contactless payment, for me anyway

(Bruce) #4

I’ve also stopped using it entirely. As monzo don’t yet support it.

However it’s a great backup when you lose a card or don’t want to carry a wallet/card.

Used to use it everyday when I had an Apple Watch for the tube, the only reason I could fathom to have an Apple Watch. Sucked up my pride and sold that for a hefty loss. What a piece of junk IMHO :slight_smile:

(Rika Raybould) #5

That was such a strange article to read. :confused:

In any case, Apple Pay’s adoption rates change by region. It’s significantly higher in the UK where we have every worthwhile bank signed up and contactless terminals were already widespread. Apple’s issue in the UK is getting merchants to support CDCVM for contactless payments above £30.

In the US, Apple Pay is being held back by their disaster of an EMV rollout, merchants intentionally blocking it for their own solutions, or just not having the terminals/infrastructure to support it. Without high merchant adoption, people can’t rely on it and just fall back to plastic cards. It’s also important to remember that US merchants track customers by card numbers and other data on the magstripe, information that Apple Pay drops completely. :disappointed:

(Tommy Long) #6

I use Monzo for all my contactless purposes but I use Android Pay where an app supports it (Deliveroo, Wetherspoons, etc.)


Thanks for sharing, I do believe this article is US focused however?

I also have stopped using apple pay but only because I started using Monzo.

For me its simple, I’ve usually always got my phone in my hand, while my debit card is in my back pocket, simple.

Looking forward to Monzo Apple Pay support!

(Justin) #8

@RichardR, I partly agree with you. However, on a personal basis, I use Apple Pay a lot less than I used to - other than when using it in-app to top up my Monzo card. I think for many other UK-based people, the novelty has worn off somewhat. People are more reluctant to use it on the Underground because it takes a couple of seconds longer to get through - incurring tuts from other passengers.

The reduction in my own use is because I like to use my Monzo card for contactless transactions. I also use Apple Pay less online because some of the banks have changed their limits a few times and knowing what’ll be authorised has become less predictable


Second this, that extra second is a killer on the tube.


I still use my oyster card…

(Herp Derp) #11

I really wanted Apple pay and when Metro finally got it I don’t use it (well the NFC bit anyway) only use the in app bit.

When Mondo comes online I will use it more though.

(Mike) #12

Do you not travel enough to benefit from the weekly contactless caps?

(Herp Derp) #13

It’s the same on Oyster if you are PAYG?

(Mike) #14

Nope, common misconception; the Monday - Sunday capping only applies to contactless (more specifically card payments).
The contactless weekly capping benefits those who travel more than 5 days a week at the maximum daily cap.


I’m fortunate enough to only travel in to London every couple of months!

The oyster still gives me the daily cap

(Rika Raybould) #16

On paper, yes. In implementation though… :eyes:


Wow, thanks for that.

(Mike) #18

So now you can return that oyster for your deposit back and bask in the glory of :monzo: for travel arrangements in London!

(Sacha) #19

I’ve never understood the urge to pay through your mobile myself. Given all the warnings about taking out your phone around tube stations, the last thing I would want to do is flash a £750 iphone around every time I leave one.

(Mike) #20

The warnings are usually to avoid using the phone and be more aware of your surroundings once you leave the station. Sure, muggings occur and I’m not denying them, areas such as Islington and other boroughs in central London are more affected by ‘snatchers’ either on peddle cycles or mopeds.

These forms of thieves usually use little or no force when stealing devices and are closer to opportunistic than pre-planned after seeing you coming out of the station.

As long as you’re not playing on your phones past the gate after exiting the risk is comparatively low.