Apple pay - Card Suspended

Has anyone else had an issue with their card being suspended?

I use ApplePay and am being told that my card has been suspended when I try and use it.

I spent half an hour standing in the rain outside a shop trying to call Monzo as they have removed the chat option in their App, only to be cut off after five minutes every time I called.

In the end had to walk home without my shopping.

Am furious!

Search ‘contact us’ in the help section and you’ll get the chat option

Have you tried deleting and readding it to your wallet? Does your physical card still work?

I have an eta on chat of 11 hours for a response!!

This is why it’s good to have a spare card preferably visa


When you do speak with Monzo support make sure you inform them of the difficulty you had accessing chat and phone support and the problem this caused.

Out of curiosity, what exactly happened with the phone calls - did it just stop ringing and cut off or did it end with an automated message directing you to chat? If the latter, was there no specific guidance how to access chat?


or just carry a / the card …

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Yep. :+1:t3:

And that :smirk:.

Keep it simple (and sensible).

I would agree with this but we’re in 2020. Shouldn’t have to rely on still keeping the physical cards nearby. The whole point of Apple Pay is that you don’t need to have the physical card with you to make a purchase.

Granted have more than one card on Apple Pay though.


Nope, it doesn’t sound good.

Hopefully you’ve not broken any T&Cs or anything and it can be resolved relatively quick :crossed_fingers:

Yes I agree , everything should work , its 2020 after all , and things “just work” , but it does seem strange …to me at least in my 60s…that people don’t have plan Bs in place for the occasional what if … I tend to try and take some really simple precautions of things not working , certainly where money and paying for things is concerned, I would have a problem with my phone not working , Id had a really long conversation/ webcam …something … and run out of battery charge , lost my phone , if I relied on apple pay solely , yes it should work all the time , but hasn’t this time , I carry some cash , I carry a few other cards , I tend not to leave the house without at least two ways of paying for “stuff” today it seems some are outraged that their preferred method doesn’t work 100% of the time, yes it should , but Im stuffed without it…grrrrrr …


This happened to me when I spammed the freeze/unfreeze button like a simpleton. Try freezing, waiting a few seconds, then unfreezing your card in app - that sorted the problem for me.


100% THIS!

A few weeks back the contactless payments in the Tesco superstore by me stopped working. It basically shut down the entire store because half the population of the city is (apparently) solely reliant on Apple/Google Pay.

I use Apple Pay at least three times virtually every day and I can only remember two occasions it hasn’t worked but I still wouldn’t ever go shopping without an alternative.

I think the attitude of ‘everything should just work all the time’ has been exacerbated by just how reliable everything actually is these days. Being reminded every now and then not to be solely reliant on one piece of tech to pay for your shopping is a good thing I think. Although not for the OP - hindsight is wonderful etc. and I would also be fuming in this situation.


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