Apple announces new iPad, iPad Pros and Apple TV 4K

New iPads imminent

Edit: all announced


Oh no Tim! I’m saving!

Checks how much I’ve made from bank switching


For today!


The new entry level iPad looks great and I love the Magic Keyboard folio. Oh, and finally a landscape camera!

But I fear that all the new accessories needed might present a cost barrier for people who target the low cost iPads – and now there’s even less separating the entry level iPad from the Air.

On the Pros, it seems much the same with an M2 processor so at least I won’t be tempted to upgrade.

Apple TV – looks good, luckily I don’t need to upgrade yet

Most exciting I think is the iPadOS date announcement. 24 October

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Oh I didn’t realise this was out now! I thought your post was about an invite to an event.


It was just a teaser from Tim Apple, but the store was down – indeed they chose to launch stuff already

Reading some more, no Pencil 2 support for the base iPad, instead you have to get a new USB-C adapter (included in future Pencil 1 purchases). Also, the UK (and apparently EU) prices became eye watering

Over €1k for the base iPad if you want the pencil and keyboard too…

The pricing :astonished:

iPad 9th gen (yesterday)
64GB £329
256GB £459

iPad 9th gen (today)
64GB £369
256GB £549

iPad 10th gen (today)
64GB £499
256GB £679

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Honestly depressing.

iPad Pro 12.9
£999 yesterday
£1,249 today

That’s a 25% increase


Any tech people know what the true difference for the new Apple TV is? I have a current 4K one with a 4K TV. What difference would I see?

New chip (A15), Thread support (on the more expensive model), USB-C remote

Unless you need Thread for smart home (not really rolled out yet I think) or play intensive games, not an upgrade for those with a 2021 ATV


Thanks. I definitely don’t need them.

I get so confused with all terminologies for HD/4K/HDR/HDR10+ I have no idea what they mean or what I currently have :joy:

We have an older Apple TV (HD) that we take on holiday with us and genuinely never seen any lag or issue with speed or processing even with that one.

Still can’t get an iPhone on the bloody upgrade program! But them iPads look great

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That’s surprising. I got one two weeks ago. Try checking early in the morning when stock refreshes (some time between 4-8am) or check different models if you’re not too picky. I managed to bag one Saturday lunchtime even so it didn’t seem too bad

New iPad is basically a crapper version of the 4th gen Air for the same price (as that was previously).

I understand what’s going on with FX but the price inflation is crazy. The base iPad was previously Apple’s best deal. Such an easy recommendation as a basic computer for anyone.

Nothing at Bluewater or Lakeside (which was a no go anyway because of the protests) and Bromley is too far away. I’ll keep checking, going Pro Max, so a tad picky

New Apple TV has had a price drop! :clap::clap::clap:.

Now only 3x more than a Fire Stick 4K (when it’s not on sale).


London Apple Stores?

10x the price would make it worth it over a fire stick.