Rumored new Apple products - what are you excited for? 🍏

It’s getting to that time of year where the Apple ship starts leaking and we get some ideas of what the Cupertino folks might be planning this year.

What we might see:

  • 16" Macbook Pro
  • 31" 6K Monitor
  • AirPods 2 (with wireless charging and possible health tracking)
  • iPad Mini 5

This is aside from the obvious stuff such as iPhone and larger iPad refreshes.

Which, if any of these are you excited about? Will you be buying any of them?


Airpods 2 and AirPower or what ever that mat is called


As much as i love the idea of the Airpods I always found the in box headphones to be quite sore on my ears after long term use.

It needs to be a huuuuge year for Apple this year. Excited to see the new AirPods - they are doing extremely well but let’s see what this year has to offer.

I know you said aside from the iPhone but Apple need to have such a big year on the iPhone. People are very tired of seeing the same old rubbish from Apple. IOS needs a massive refresh and the iPhone needs to have more than ever.

I dislike Android as a system but Samsung phones feel they are becoming better than iPhone’s.


I genuinely don’t see the 2019 iPhones being much different than the 2018 ones. I could be wrong but I don’t see a huge amount of innovation in the pipeline.

I think Xiaomi and (rumored) OnePlus might really be on to something with their slider mechanisms, but unless Apple bring back TouchID this isn’t viable for them as the front camera would need to always be visible.


AirPower needs to show it’s face this year, otherwise it ain’t happening!

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Why do they need to have a huge year?

And they don’t need to have a big year on the iPhone, as most sources suggest, they are heading for Services. The iPhone market will continue as is, and these days the iOS and apps are the differentiator, not the handset.

Time will tell I guess.

Me? AirPods 2 because the original AirPods are the best thing they’ve released for a while now.

What I’m most interested in from Apple this year is software & services.

  • Netflix style streaming service (maybe announced at this event).
  • ios dark mode (this will not be until wwdc)

Hardware wise I’m not looking to upgrade anything.
We will not see anything groundbreaking this year. AirPods and Apple Watch will see the biggest upgrades imo.
Interestingly I do know some people who are interested in the new iPad mini.

I’m hoping it’s just launched as “we realised we can’t beat Netflix. So we just bought them”

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I really dislike this idea, reminds me of the old slide phones. I just imagine someone dropping it while the camera is out or getting something jammed in the mechanicals like pocket fluff.


Give me AirPods 2 now! I’ve had my AirPods since July 2016 and I couldn’t live without them, I’m excited to see what the second generation brings… hopefully that rumoured black colour!

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I’ll just take the thing they announced back in September 2017, AirPower. :thinking:

Yes, I’m still salty.


They were released in December 2016 haha :blush:
I’ve had them since launch and looking to upgrade too!

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Oops 2017 haha

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I worried I’d have the same problem - also with the in box ones they’d fall out often.

But honestly can say the airpods have been the most comfortable in ear things I’ve ever had. The majority of issues I think I’ve had came from the cable causing strain.

I (used to) go running with them without a single problem.

If an apple shop is accessible - you can buy them and if you don’t get on at all return them in two weeks.

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I have beats wireless one at the moment and cant fault them.

But when they kick the bucket i reckon i will go for the airpods

I’ll be really interested to see what the AirPods 2 are going to bring to the table.

I can’t help but wonder what they can really add to a set of earphones, although wireless charging could be cool!

Black? I want HOT CORAL ONES!! (ohh sorry, wrong thread…) :joy:

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