New 2019 iPad Air & Mini

Wow, these came out of the blue. Pricing is pretty aggressive for Apple, especially on the Air.


No AirPower still :cry:


My mother wanted a new iPad this year. Her old air has taken a battering.

I read her the cost of the Air and now she’s completely gone off the idea. Apple products are too expensive unfortunately. She’s out!

I loved my old iPad Mini. Glad to see they’ve brought it back. But why make it only work with the 1st gen Apple Pencil? Won’t that just create nothing but confusion?

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A pretty crowded iPad line-up now.

I’m not sure the iPad mini quite justifies the £399 price mark. That said, if you’ve been waiting for a new iPad Mini, it’ll be a welcome addition.

The entry-level 9.7" iPad still comes in at £319, so it’s definitely worth considering that! The original iPad launched at $599 so certainly nice to avoid major price hikes.

Is this the pro range then?
I thought it was the regular iPad. She had the iPad air back in 2013.

This probably highlights my confusion.

Looks like this’ll be what I get my mum for her birthday this year then! She’s still using the original iPad Air and it’s getting on a bit :weary:

It’s actually a new iPad Air 10.5", replacing the old 10.5" iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro still exists in two larger sizes. There’s also a smaller iPad 9.7" (£319) and the new iPad Mini.

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Yeah, for 99% of people, the £319 iPad (2018 9.7") is absolutely more than enough.

If you want the “pro” - You’ll have to stump for the 11" or 12.9" (massive price increase over the standard iPad).

The 10.5" Air now sits in-between the lowest priced 11" Pro, and the existing 9.7" iPad (2018).


So strange! So a customer would have to buy a 2019 iPad Mini and a two year old Pencil to go with?!