my cell phone booked and I have new one, but I can’t access my account, I have tried several times to download the app , I did everything like the first time but it didn’t work, and now I received a message from you said that you cannot offer me an account. What should I do?


Email and they’ll sort it out :+1:


I did it last week, so far no answer


@simonb can you do anything about this one?

(Andre Borie) #5

Looks like you used another email address and it tried to open you a new account.

Maybe search for your mailbox for Monzo emails and try to find the address which you used to signup for your previous account?


No I don’t try to open another account. When I downloaded the app the asked me to everything again,but it didn’t work

(Richard Cook) #7

Hi there, we’ll drop you another message to follow this up. Thanks!


I’m still waiting…
I need to manage my account. Please could you do it as fast as possible? Thanks

(Andre Borie) #9

Call the number behind the card if it’s really urgent, they might be able to help.