App update 23/11/20

Anyone have any issues after app update today? It’s logged me out and I’m just getting an error saying, identifier email already owned by user, when I tap log in button in my email.

If it’s saying email in use, you may have gone down the “new user” flow, rather than logging back in.

I wish I’d done something that simple wrong, just double checked myself on that a couple times :sweat_smile:

I’ve no issues with today’s update and I’m on iOS 14.3 !

Likewise iOS, it’s not a broken update then it’s just me. insert expletive here :joy:

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Sorry :scream_cat:

Try deleting the app, restarting the phone, then reinstalling and logging in again.

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Figured it out where I went wrong now :sweat_smile: a while back I changed my email address in the app, but logging in only worked when I tried the old one I originally registered with :thinking:

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