App stuck because I entered wrong details - any way to reset?

I only use Monzo when I’m going abroad so I always get a little rusty with it. Anyway I tried to sign into my account, entered my e-mail address and verified it, entered my address (which I thought was a little odd) and when I got to the phone number page, I realised my account was with a different e-mail address and this page was trying to get me to sign up.

No problem, I thought, but now the app is stuck on the new account ‘enter your phone number’ page. I have tried closing the app, turning my phone off and on again, updating the app and even reinstalling and I’m still getting this page. I don’t want to enter anything because I don’t need a new account and the phone number would clash with my current account anyway!

Anyone have any ideas of what I can do to sort it out? I know it was my own fault for being a numpty, but I’m desperate now to get my card sorted before I leave the country in a few hours (eek!)

Edit: I’m using iOS


Hey Amy!

Are you using an Android or iOS phone?

iOS sorry! Will edit my post

It’s strange that the app is still showing the verify phone number screen after deleting and reinstalling the app.

Can you try this?:

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

  2. Tap General.

  3. Tap [Device] Storage.

  4. Select the Monzo app.

  5. Tap Delete app.

  6. Tap Delete to confirm that you want to delete the app.

  7. Restart your phone.

  8. Download Monzo from the App Store.

Then make sure you tap the Log In option and enter the email you used to sign up to Monzo.


Oh, make sure you’re opening the latest link sent by Monzo in the correct email inbox, too!

Failing all of this: ring the number on the back of your card.


Thats worked, thankyou so much! Panic over!

Must have needed those extra steps to properly remove it or something.

Thanks again, much appreciated!

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Great! Yeah, I believe that way fully removes the app and makes it forget that you were halfway through applying.

Enjoy your travels! :airplane:

It’s a shame they don’t sticky this the amount of times people have issues logging in.