App sometimes logs me out?

(Daniel Edwards) #1

I’m not sure if this is happening to anyone else but on occasion (maybe once a month) my mondo app seems to “log me out”. Whereby I have to enter my email address again and get the email to sign me back in? This happens even if I’ve used the app that day.

Constantly being signed out of mobile app?
(Andrew Ross) #2

Can’t say it’s happened to me recently. It happened during an app update a while ago but not since…

Is the app crashing and logging you out?

(Daniel Edwards) #3

No, I haven’t had it crash whilst using it and the result be that I’m logged out. As an example, today I topped my account up by £10 at 12:20, I then didn’t use it until 19:50, which is when I had to go through the logon process again. There hasn’t been an update today that I’m aware of, but yes it does happen then too.

(Colin Robinson) #4

Happened to me for the first time today - wanted to check my balance before paying for lunch.

(Josh) #5

Interesting — definitely something we’ll look into. When the app logs you out do you see an error message appear beforehand/at the same time?

(Daniel Edwards) #6

For me no - I hadn’t used the app in 6 hours and had literally just opened it to view balance!

(Colin Robinson) #7

Opened it to check balance and it was as if i was starting with a new card like I’d never used :mondo: at all.

(Nelly) #8

Hi everyone - any solution for the issue has been found yet? I’m seem to be unale to log back in to my App. It throughs me back to issueing new card. Althought I have received card already. Not sure how to go about about loggin back in to the App.

(Tristan Thomas) #9

Hey @Nelly, my guess would be you’re using a different email address to log in to the app compared to the one you originally signed up with. Can you try logging in with the one you might have signed up originally with?

(Dan) #10

I have this issue too, I’ve had it happen 6-7 times over the past month or so. Not a major headache but means reauthing through Mail each time.

Worth noting I have only seen this since iOS 9.3.2, and it’s happened a couple of times for me in the Uber app too.

(Nelly) #11

Thank you guys! I’ll try that :slight_smile:


Not sure how many Android users are here, so i’ll assume you’re on iOS.
Sadly this happens to me - NOT with M[…] but with a lot of other applications, sometimes once or twice per month.
I think it’s either an iOS issue, or some apps log you out for protection, occasionally or when they detect strange usage patterns (though that wouldn’t be a bug, right? But a feature :slight_smile:)

(Andrew Ross) #13

Happened to me yesterday as well for the first time.

(Thomas Welton) #14

Happend to me today. No app update recently. Also the login email went into my junk

(Rika Raybould) #15

Just had this at around 14:12 today. Got a quick peak at a red shimmed screen with a large X and a string to the effect of “You have been logged out. Bad access token” before quickly throwing me back to the first run/logged out view.

Probably useless here but…
App version: 1.5.3 (243)
Device: iPhone 6s (A1688)
iOS version: 10.0b2 (14A5297c)

(Tom ) #16

Same a couple of times in last week or two. If it happens again I’ll see if I can see a pattern.

(Frank) #17

I have just had this again today. I have to say you have made the process of going from app to mail to app pretty seamless but still frustrating.

(William Kelly) #18

This has become a regular issue for me.

It seems to happen about every 5 days (it has been relatively regular over the last 3 weeks).

It is more than frustrating and there is no helpful messaging to could a clue over why.

(lee) #19

+1 this has started for me too. Actually showing sign up screens and had to enter email and wait to receive one to get back in. Had to use the old bank instead.

(Tom ) #20

I’m still getting this too. Is it a security feature?