Is it ok to log out after every viewing?

Hello everyone, I am new today and just have the one question.

When I have transferred money and finished viewing the app appears to still be live. I do not like this. I may lose my phone with my account visible. Is it OK to log out each time I use the app. I am just concerned I may be out and about and connect to an unsafe wifi .

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Why dont you enable passcode/fingerprint access to the app?

Its available in the settings if you dont already have it enabled and are worried about this


Thank you. For the advice and a very quick response. I am nearly 60, this is not the banking I am used to.

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Nathan , do you mean my phone settings or the Monzo app settings.

He will mean the Monzo App Settings.

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Thank you, for your help.

The fingerprint or passcode lock on the app is great for privacy if that’s something you’re worried about. (Most likely use case is not wanting family or friends to go from looking at the pictures you took to analysing your finances in a couple of clicks).

If you are more concerned about security and what happens if you lose your phone or it gets stolen then you will be happy to know that on Monzo you also have to verify any payments going out of your account with your fingerprint or passcode, so someone finding your phone open and unlocked could not remove any money from your account.

It is a very secure system and yet the lack of friction can be jarring if used to the security theatre elsewhere (they have log in, log out, security key, text message, etc etc, and they can all be beaten by someone phoning vulnerable people, saying they’re from the bank and they need them to transfer money somewhere :frowning_face: )

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Also, even connecting to ‘unsafe wifi’ would not be an issue.

The app runs over HTTPS, which is secure and will not work if someone tries to tamper with it. :slight_smile:

You’ve got some brilliant responses here @ukmxer!

Let us know if you have any other questions, we’re happy to help you settle in with your new account :slight_smile:

And welcome to Monzo and the community! :rocket:


If it helps I’m 60+ and never log out as I know it needs my fingerprint to do any money transfers. This is on an iPhone. Here’s my current settings:

Ive been using :monzo: since March 2016 and I’m so much more in charge of my :dollar: now.


PS I was with a First Direct for over 25 years and Yorkshire Bank before that so it takes a lot for me to move but I’m very happy with :monzo:


Fingerprints and passcodes are available depending on the model of the phone being used.

My wife uses an iPhone 5c and the option of passcode isn’t offered.

I think it would be great if this basic feature would be available for all phones.

It’s probably also with noting that is important that your phone should be locked as well as the app.

If somebody has access to you phone with your emails they can simply uninstall Monzo, reinstall it (which removes any app security you’ve added) and sign back in using your email. You’ll still be protected from transfers because your pin is needed but they have access to information that aids in identify theft etc

Also worth noting that (on Android at least) if you log out, your security settings are reset. I use fingerprint to unlock app, but I accide tally logged out the other day and that switched it off. Not a huge concern if your phone is kept locked, but I prefer to keep the app locked. However you will always have to authorise a transfer out of your account.

Looks like the iOS version also has the option of location based security - would be great to have that on Android.

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