Can't sign out

I can’t sign out out of the Monzo app on android phone …Also …the help doesn’t work …‘failed to send’ ?

This should be in the ‘Help’ section.

Have you tried reinstalling the app?

You can sign out by going to Account then profile, scroll to the bottom and press log out.

and then sign in by replying to an email that’s come to the same phone …no password…no security???that’s pointless?

You can login by using your finger print, if your phone has a finger print reader :slight_smile:

Also you can’t move any money without entering your PIN.

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but anybody could steal my phone and read just about anything else I’ve doing? seems mad …ahy no pin to sign in …

I assume you have a password on your phone so they’d have to get past that first?

You could always put the app in your Android ‘Secure Folder’ so it has an additional layer of security. This will also hide the app icon too.

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In settings, you can enable ‘use fingerprint to unlock app’, then nothing is visible until you use your fingerprint.

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All of these methods …fingerprint/phone password etc are breachable in moments by a half capable phone thief…they just get to know shit quickly by viewing the account…getting ‘into’ a phone is easy. Why not have a password or pin number to sign in?

You can enable that in the settings. They still need your pin to move money. 2fa on your email and a locked phone cover it

I’m not sure I understand what you’re getting at.

It seems your suggesting if your phone was stolen, the thief could ‘get around’ a fingerprint lock. If that is the case, would they not be able to just as easily ‘get around’ a PIN lock?

I’m just trying to make sure we’re on the same page here…


No…a personal password or pin number for the account is stored in your head…a pin unlock/fingerprint is stored in the phone and easily hackable

Wow. I was contemplating a change of job but if it’s that easy I’ll just steal phones and wipe out people’s fortunes.

If my phone is stolen…they can’t get into my ‘real’ bank account without a password that’s not stored in the phone

This (except what makes a bank account “real”…) has been discussed in-depth here:


Don’t kid yourself it’s not easy…gangs roam pubs like Dickensian pickpockets…they pick up phones …take out to a waiting van …where expert hackers are in your phone in minutes…before you’ve even got to the bottom of your drink and realised it’s missing…d’you really think it’s that hard to get into an android phone if they know what they are doing?

This vision of expert hackers in a van – is that taken from watching Big Mommas House 2 or something? I find it completely implausible.


The gangs around here just tend to rip the ATMs out of the walls with a stolen JCB in the middle of the night , they don’t seem to bother with nicking phones in my locals in the hope that the owners do in app banking with thousands in their accounts even though its easier to just hack the phone in their van later :slight_smile:


I’ve filmed it happening.

I was thinking a PIN for the app, which would be stored in the phone, my bad. Re-reading I guess your talking more like when we enter online banking ID and password with the likes of Lloyds, Halifax etc.

I’m driving home now but interested to read what @lumisota linked to, will be checking back later.