App stays logged in even after closing it (Android)

Is it normal for the app stay logged in even after closing it (Android). I open the app, log in with my fingerprint, do what I need to do then close the app (don’t sign out). I reopen the app 15 minutes later and it is still logged in and all functions are available.

I have account with Smile (Co-op) and Starling. On both of those apps, whenever I close them I have to login with my fingerprint again next time I open the app, indeed, I have to log in again even if I move to another app’s screen while the banking app is open.

Is this safe? Surely once I close the app it should log out automatically in the interests of security?

I know I could physically sign out of the app but then I have to request a ‘secret’ sign in email before I can log in again. Can’t we just have it like other banking apps, ie, have to log in again whenever you close the app or move away from it to a different app?

It’s not normal and you’re right that you shouldn’t physically sign out.

Are you sure that your app is all up to date? Perhaps try removing it and then reinstalling it to see if that sorts it?

You mean it shouldn’t do that? I’ll uninstall it and reinstall. Thanks.

Yeah it shouldn’t do that. I’m on Android and when I close the app it asks for my fingerprint every time.

Hopefully reinstalling helps, it usually solves weird things like this but if not then I’m out of ideas :man_shrugging:

Great, now that app download stalls at 90-odd% every time :rage:

Something doesn’t sound right with your phone :confused:

Has it been a while since you’ve restarted it?

No, I uninstalled the Monzo app and then restarted it before trying to reinstall it. It did do and update at 5am though…

…it’s finished :grinning: I’ll let you know if it cures my issue.

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Ahh that’s good to hear :sweat_smile: Hopefully it works :crossed_fingers:

Nope, just the same. Thanks for your help anyway. I’ll drop Monzo a message. :+1:

Worth a shot :pensive: Hope you get it sorted soon.

Sorted I think. In settings, I switched on both ‘Hide Monzo from recent apps’ and ‘Use fingerprint for authentication’ and it now works exactly as my other banking apps do.

Thanks again for your time :+1:

That’s weird. I don’t have that enabled but I assumed you already had the fingerprint setting enabled?

Either way, you’re all good now :smiley:

Yes, I did have it enabled as it did eventually log out and I have to use my fingerpint to get in again.

Yep, all good :slightly_smiling_face:

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