App says I'm at top of list - No option to complete a signup

(Richard) #1

Hey Guys,

Tried to do a quick search didn’t get much.

I’ve reached the top of the list, but I’m unable to signup/go any further in the app?

Has it been closed off now until public release?




Are you using Android?

If so, the Android beta version has not gone public yet. It is due to sometime this month and you should be able to sign up then.

Android / iPhone User Tag

Yup, it is the Android problem. I have both an Android and an iphone. I sign in to my mondo account (only one) on both phones. While I have already signed up and got my card through my iPhone, the Android app still says I am at the top of the list.

(Josh Bray) #4

If you have a card tapp on the android a few times and it should open the app.


@Jkb114 thought it was a joke at first, hahaha. Then it really worked. But I need to tap a few times and then end with a long press. A reward for persistent triers? Thanks for the tip.

(Josh Bray) #6

Haha yeah I thought the same when I was told but it pays off.