Android / iPhone User Tag

Would it be possible to add tags to each community user, to show whether they are an iPhone &/or Android user (or even just enable to users to do this themselves)?

This would help avoid some of the confusion that’s happening at the moment, due to features not yet being built for the Android users. See this post & this post for example.

I’m thinking of the Mondo Crowdfunding Investor tags here

Having said that, there wouldn’t be a need for this if the aim is to get to feature parity (& maintain it) soon


I’ve just seen that the “tags” are actually groups, for example -


Like it how you used my profile there :slight_smile:

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It could also be useful if this was apparent in the in app chat as well (if it’s not) - I asked a question in chat and the answer was “you just need to do x, y, z” , unfortunately I couldn’t do those things in the android app, it would be useful for support to know this by default too.