App not updating

Another week and still the app has not updated. Kind of worrying considering Monzo is ‘tech centric’

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Still not been switched over. Very frustrating

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This is indeed very frustrating for me either. I don’t know about any bank who has an app update and left some users behind. None of my bank accounts apps here in the UK or abroad have done that. A little bit odd for me

Would they tell you if they did?

Barclays are great at rolling features out to some but not all users for ages before a full roll out

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My NatWest app made a song and dance about allowing other accounts, and people on here were saying they were able to add Monzo. I didn’t have the option and only got it yesterday (I’ve not been checking daily, but that was the last day I checked and suddenly it was there).

You have to expect this kind of thing, I guess. Software is a fickle beast.

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