App layout - why is mine different?

Hi guys. My sister (iPhone XS max), my boyfriend (iPhone 7) and myself (iPhone X) all downloaded the Monzo app a few days ago - all working fine. I’ve just noticed 1 small difference, my app appears to be different to theirs. On the bottom of my app I have 5 tabs: Home, Summary, Accounts, Payments and Help. They have only 3 tabs which has only icons that look like: Home, 2 arrows and Help. I’ve attached pictures. I have no idea why this is, my app doesn’t need up dated and neither does my phone. Can anyone explain? Thanks, Sam

They are on the new look app and you are on the old. You can a activate the new look inside labs if you wish, we’ll all be moved over to it soon enough.


It’s just odd that out of 3 people who all downloaded on the exact same day, I got the old app? How do I activate the new app?

Monzo are trialing it to give the new layout to x% of new sign ups.

To get the new nav, here’s what you need to do:

  • Head to the account tab
  • Use the drop down menu at the top and hot personal account settings and profile
  • Scroll down to Monzo Labs
  • Activate Monzo New Navigation

Worked a treat. Thanks a lot! Have a great weekend.

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