Is failure to roll-out new app incompetence or a deliberate act to annoy customers?

Perhaps 6 weeks ago? my family members received the new app update. Why has this not rolled out to everyone? I’ve updated several times, yet still have the old app.
No, not a business account and yes, previous Beta tester.
A complete failure by Monzo to explain the situation could be interpreted as incompetence.
Any chance of a proper explanation?

Someone else also had this,

Try signing back up for the beta

You’re deliberately in a control group, sadly.

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Is failure to roll-out new app incompetence or a deliberate act to annoy customers?

I’m sure those are the only two options.


@Zain @kolok Thanks for the replies👍
Does anyone from Monzo read these posts? The suggestion that Monzo is deliberately ‘controlling’ my app update, despite repeated complaints from me about this situation, is quite staggering!
Anyone from Monzo care to confirm this?

Monzo staff do read the forum, but you’d probably need a backend specialist to move you out of the test group and those are rarer.

I would suggest trying sign into an iPhone and see if you get the new navigation and then going back to android and see if it stays.

This person said they found out they’re in a control group

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@kolok your help is appreciated, cheers.
Hopefully someone at Monzo will sort it out.

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With a thread title like this, staff may not touch it.


Yeah I was thinking that. Might have more luck asking politely via the in app chat.


A little politeness would go a long way! :roll_eyes:

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What a ridiculous title for a thread.

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Rage overwhelming reason. R-

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I can assure you whatever the reason is, it’ll be neither of your theories.

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As mentioned earlier, it’s likely you’re in the control group which are a small subset of users that Monzo have kept on the old design.

Politely asking to be removed in app will be your best bet. I’d recommend that you try to refrain from threats, accusations or wrongful conclusions until you’re given all the facts.

Good luck :+1:


@ordog Thank you kindly for further explaining the possible cause of the problem, appreciated. This has been on-going for maybe 6 weeks and has been discussed many times, yet I’ve never seen an official Monzo response or explanation. My ‘rant’ merely poses questions, as without any explanation from Monzo, despite repeated threads, I believe to be quite reasonable. Unfortunately, several people appear to be upset by it, not my intention :roll_eyes:.

No worries :+1: I understand it is frustrating and hopefully you get it sorted soon :crossed_fingers:

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