Can I open account WITHOUT debit card?

Hello, I would like to open Monzo account instead of others banks but I have a question it is possible to open bank account without debit card? Generally due to Covid I am stuck in my country and can not back to UK probably until end of year. When I come back I can order card but need to start using account now

I understand you have to be uk resident to open an account.

I’m don’t think there are any banks that can open an account and not issue a Debit Card?

I think OP is a UK resident - just stuck abroad due to COVID

Dozens seem to be happy for me not to have a physical debit card from today…


That is due to Visa change over, I would imagine as new user would have to have it setup but things not finalised for this change over u til end November.

Hopefully Monzo will do virtical hot coral cards. all my other banks have changed to them :smiley:

Could you not send it to a uk family member or where you live in the U.K. so it’s ready for you

No. First card must go to your registered address.

I can’t remember the sign-up process, but when you say you’ve received the card, do you have to input anything?

If not, give it a week after opening the account and say you’ve got the card. Job done.

You need to confirm the card number in the app to activate the card.

I think Dozens are happy to have virtual only cards going forward.

I think they’ve offered a physical card to anyone who wants one, but will only send them out automatically to heavy users (or if you select it during the sign up flow).


Am I correct in thinking that Revolt also let you use your account without requesting a card?

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