App Evolution (new look Monzo app): Feedback Megathread 📣

I hope so too - see my post above yours!

Thanks for sharing!

The “Left to spend” number in the old view is based on Summary, the legacy budgeting tool and is not driven by Trends.
I know it can be quite confusing right now because there are 2 separate features which do basically the same thing - Summary will be retired at some point.

Have you enabled the Spotlights for Left to spend on the home screen? Those would give you the glanceable number without even tapping into the individual accounts, and are powered by trends.

You can use trends to monitor your “left to spend” by with spotlights on the home screen. On home, just drag down to reveal customisable account insights.

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Could this option eventually be inplemented into the activity feed like the summary budget was?

I do have spotlights for both Joint & Personal set up to show Left-to-spend on the Home screen, but visibility of these is lost when you tap into an account. It just seems more logical to have the ‘powered-by-Trends’ left-to-spend figure displayed with the :monzo: account which is tapped into.

(Surprisingly, I’m not confused between Summary & Trends either - preferring Trends - which is a good thing as summary will soon :coffin:)


Monzo UI is getting worse by the month. This is mathematically twice as much work to switch between accounts. I invested because it had a progressive UI & looked interesting, but the interactive graph at the top has long gone, I can’t see my balance on each transaction row, the payments area is a mess, and the new homescreen is terrible. It’s sad to have such a rubbish review of an app that was once great.

Not sure if this is new or not but see this now for viewing all pots in a list in home, can we get this for the savings pots also please!


This went years ago.

This hasn’t changed. You’ve never been able to do this.

This hasn’t changed.

What is terrible about it?


Are you on TestFlight? I don’t see this in the App Store version.

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I see this too. Android beta version.
Doubt we will see it for Savings Pots unless they redefine them as “Pots” again to be honest with you but it something I want to see too.

That’s right, as I said, the interactive graph is long gone. But it was fantastic and has been effectively moved from a useful, prime position, and dumbed down into a donut hidden in a deeper screen. Damn shame what they did to that graph…

Even incumbent banks show balance on each transaction row. It’s a great way of seeing where your account had got to at the point you spent/gained that money. Yeah Monzo has never had this feature. The graph used to do this function, in its own way, but was removed and now we have no way of reading our account history with balances at each step.

The payments area has indeed changed. It started poorly and, over time, has been stuffed with more features without fixing its foundation.

I left feedback about the new homescreen previously, can’t find it now but it’s not worth mentioning as while feedback was asked for about this page the Monzo app design team clearly intended to go this direction regardless. We now have an impending change to the transaction list screen where the carousel will be removed. The intent was there all along.

These are all my personal opinions about how the app has evolved since I first started using it. Not facts, just opinions. But as a pro in this field, I can’t help but weigh in with those opinions.

Obviously I don’t know the future plans Monzo have for the app, which will have an influence. And I don’t know the kind of usage data or qualitative feedback they’re taking into account when making decisions about it for the future. But, as an actual daily user of the product, for years now its design has generally degraded for me - personally.

The thing is that it had to go when they went from being a prepay card to a full bank account. I agree that having the pulse graph on a specific spending pot that, say, you have a virtual card tied to would be nice. But it made no sense on that main account (unless you were still only treating Monzo as a spending card… but unfortunately a bunch of people using Monzo this way doth not a sustainable business make).

The underlying problem was that you suddenly had all your mandatory spending - which in most people’s cases is the vast majority of their spending - mixed in with their discretionary spending. It’s a bit meaningless to have a burndown graph that randomly jumps by hundreds or thousands when, say, rent / mortgage payments go out. I do think that a more first-class approach to the distinction between these two would still be very useful in the Monzo app. A burndown on a pot with a card would be help there for sure.

Like you I also felt the app has become cluttered and a bit un-user-friendly over time. But I have to say that the new labs feature (you can enable it in settings) that gets rid of the card carousel and just shows the transaction history of the one card you select has really improved the experience greatly for me. Might be worth a go for you too.


“As a pro in this field” I’d have expected some actual constructive feedback (now or previously, maybe you dreamt that) rather than paragraphs about everything being poor with no actual substance.

I think this is unfair. There have been lots of changes that have come about based on the feedback given in the thousands of posts in this thread and things that Monzo themselves admitted they didn’t expect, but changed. So they didn’t pick a direction and ignore everyone but you cannot design by committee so there has to be an element of ignoring the feedback.

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I get your point but I disagree.

Once you make use of a Savings and Bills Pots (especially when combined with virtual cards), your balance left outside of those effectively makes a burndown graph very useful.

It’s partly why I find the Balance Graph in Trends useful. I just wish the rest of that tab in Trends was given the same love as the other Trends tabs. I’d also quite like it to drive a graphic on the home tab. Basically I’d love it to replace the left to spend in Summary

I initially thought the 3 different Trends tabs were brought about so people people who budget in different ways could use the one that suited them best but unfortunately none of them quite do it for me.

The balance graph is the most useful graph Monzo has ever made.

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The balance graph was the most useless thing they ever did and it took up so much space.

It spiked when you got paid. Sharp drop when your bills came out etc, then a gradual decline until next payday. Rinse and repeat :yawning_face:

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Exclude your bills pot then?

You’ve got a lot of control over how this portrays your month ahead. If you don’t want your bills or the amount in your bills pot affecting it, turn it off for that pot. I don’t even think it had pots enabled by default.

It’s useful but it could be a lot better with elements found in the other tabs. Give the Balance graph the ideal trend line that can be seen on the Target graph.

Then below the graph give a little banner piece similar to the one under the Spending graph

But replace ‘£400 target’ with ‘starting balance’ or something similar. Then get it to drive a Spotlight with a horizontal red/amber/green line with the days remaining vertical line on it.

That’s just a few things to make the balance tab more useful

I don’t have a bills pot, and I’m not setting up one just to make the graph look a bit different but essentially be the same every month.

Eh. I don’t think I would like that. It sounds too obtuse and complex to me. I like the simpler nature of the balance graph. I hate the targets tab and avoid it like the plague.

The only improvements I’d really like to see to the balance chart is exactly what’s already on the US roadmap. And the ability to peak ahead beyond the current month.

I know everyone is different but that’s exactly the point of the graph for me. To see that everything was essentially the same and if there was an anomaly it was easy to spot and go straight to so I could investigate.

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