App Evolution (new look Monzo app): Feedback Megathread 📣

Those pesky banking regulations… :rofl:

Other than transactions and balances (which we can already view from the home screen without further authorisation), what other dynamic information would we see in the new view that requires authorisation?
Surely account number/sort code and bank are static and don’t need to be “redownloaded” each time. Only thing I can think of would be transfers, but shouldn’t we be asked to authorise then?

I can understand needing authorising if you want to view account number and sort code, but couldn’t these be hidden by default, and then authorise only when asked to view them?

Having to authorise each time I want to view the account’s feed is such a pain!

Yeah it’s complicated… :smile: We need to start to sync historic data in the background that requires us to authorise. I have fixed a bug in the external account feed this morning that may have contributed to this sync not finishing properly which would mean we restart it each time you open the view.

It would be great if you could open the view, authorise yourself and stay there for a 5 minutes. Then if you close the app and reopen in after a few minutes you shouldn’t get the prompt again. If you do let me know and I can take a look to see if we have another bug :pray:


Can’t the authorisation of opening the app be enough to warrant the background fetch? :thinking:

Also, was this happening on Flex cards at some point too - because I think I got it, and am not on plus……

Thanks for the explanation. I’ll give that a try now.

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I don’t have “on app open” switched on, but if I did I would expect that to authorise me for Monzo and connected accounts.

Tried it and still getting the biometrics prompt.
Credit card is relatively new and all transactions are showing. Current Account has loaded everything up to Nov 2020.

(Pixel 8 Pro, Android 14, Monzo beta 5.50.0 in case that helps).

Want me to try an app reinstall? See if that fixes it?

Still …

It was doing this with my Halifax account, it has a whole 20 transactions on it since Feb, they seem to pull through fine and I can view them but within a few seconds opening the account in monzo it calls for Face ID.

Yeah if you could try a reinstall that would be useful info - I’d expect it to still happen.

Cleared cache and storage, then uninstalled. Rebooted phone. Reinstalled app, logged in, and then waited a few minutes.
Still getting the biometrics prompt. :sob:

Can I ask if in the 30 item activity view on your external account do you have any transactions that are over 90 days old?

Not sure what you mean but:

  • Unified feed shows all transactions if I scroll back (wthout having to authenticate) for connected accounts
  • Clicking the account shows transactions back to 20th July, then “See all”
  • Clicking “See all” shows transactions as far back as Nov 2020. 17th July 2023 is the first after the 20th July from above.

(I hope that makes sense)

Can only check with 1 account as the other is less than a month old.

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Ah okay that’s useful thanks. This isn’t technically a bug but it’s being caused by the way we’re refreshing data over 90 days old. Will talk to the team about how we can fix this :pray:

Thanks for the early testing and feedback everyone - it’s super valuable as some of the issues don’t typically manifest as staff who are in the app all the time, and connected accounts are particularly difficult to test in staging.

This is intentional. There are a lot of features available for Flex which we can’t manage for an external credit card. One of the benefits of these views is that it’s easier to make them flexible and tailored to the product.

We’ll be adding more polish and addressing the app unlock issue soon. If you spot anything else in the meantime please let us know :heart:


Ok, so this made me laugh.


Don’t get these fun release notes in TestFlight! :sob:

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I’ve switched back to the carousel view.

I like the new, clean view but a critical reference point (for me) part of the carousel is missing: ‘£xxx.xx left for yy days’

Yes, I can get to this figure if I tap on Trends, then Balance, then the account drop-down, then select the sole Account I want to get the left-to-spend figure for, then scroll down to the ‘Left to spend’ card.
But compared to the carousel equivalent - tapping into an account from Home and seeing the figure right there without any further action, the Trends route is too much thinking to get to the simple reference point.

There’s no need for the ‘left-to-spend line’ to be shown or even the long description (as is shown in carousel mode), just the calculated numerical figure as shown in Trends would be ideal, like in the mockup below:

I acknowledge this would only show on Monzo Personal/Joint accounts.


Love the sneaky peak at the addition of a budget in the joint view. Will this finally fix the one thing I miss about the old Home - the left to spend bar?!?

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I hope so too - see my post above yours!

Thanks for sharing!

The “Left to spend” number in the old view is based on Summary, the legacy budgeting tool and is not driven by Trends.
I know it can be quite confusing right now because there are 2 separate features which do basically the same thing - Summary will be retired at some point.

Have you enabled the Spotlights for Left to spend on the home screen? Those would give you the glanceable number without even tapping into the individual accounts, and are powered by trends.

You can use trends to monitor your “left to spend” by with spotlights on the home screen. On home, just drag down to reveal customisable account insights.

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