App Design is not clean


I think when the Monzo app launched the design was current and fitting of that period. However I personally believe the current Monzo design and interface are not clean in terms of UI. Tricky to navigate, bad choice of colours and and the brand looks childish.

I’d love to see Monzo transform the UI and come up with something a little cleaner like Revolut.

Overall I love Monzo! I just want the UI to improve :slightly_smiling_face:

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Surprised as this comment I find the UI one of the best. I guess it’s all personal taste

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I think they should make it like Atom Bank, I love Atom UI, it’s so smooth and sleek and they have Will.I.Am.


Yup. Don’t get me wrong, parts of the Monzo UI are awesome. For example; It gets all merchant logos and I think the help page is good too.

But I think light blue ‘active’ colour on tabs and throughout the app doesn’t work.

But just my opinion

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Is there ever a day you don’t troll :joy:


That’s hilarious.

I think the UI is great in loads of ways but it’s a bit inconsistent. I think it’s because the app is having loads of features pop up so some parts feel kinda bolted on. I hope towards the end of the year when lots has been implemented there’s a bit of a refresh.

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Monzo has a very nice layout, and I think its much nicer over the competitors.
For example, Starling has such a gross layout. I hate the stupid spending circle, the stupid ugly font.

Thats just my ¢2 though.


I really like Monzo UI on iOS…
maybe you are about Android version ?


I agree the current version is horrific. I want the old one back!

Summary should be a “summary” not a place for a million options with “committed spending” / income / pots and all the geeky stuff that Android users love and Apple users hate!

That pie graph is using 3/4 of my iPhone 5s screen to show me just a number, that’s all I need!

The graphs of in/out in the month choice is uses 1/3 of the screen, for what??

It’s unbelievable someone actually approved this rubbish.


Yeah it’s not much better than your beloved Atom design :wink:


Nope iOS :grinning:

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I look forward to your vastly better designed bank account app. When will that be available?


The previous spending tab was perfect as it was, no need for sarcasm and no need to change completely something that was working perfectly. Get some experience in the actual real life before commenting.

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I personally hate having different experiences on different devices, I understand there’s different UI Kits for different OS’, however I highly prefer the iOS UX/UI Than the Android UX/UI.

My most loved style of the iOS app is the card / pot selection, it feels like I’m actually accessing an account, rather than android where it just feels like numbers on a screen.

However all-in-all Monzo is great, I’d rather have it functioning perfectly than have more time spent on how it looks.

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Both valid points. There’s obviously hard work going on but there’s also much work to do. Seems this is a pivotal time for Monzo - it’s over to them to deliver.

Some small tweaks would go along way. Even with colour/graphics/fonts/personalisation.

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I wouldn’t say it functions perfectly at all. That’s the thing. Therefore It’s functioning AND it’s look needs looked at.

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What doesn’t function about it? I’ve not noticed any bugs, and if I do, I’ll bring them up to support and they’ll get looked at.


The spending graph on the main screen is full of bugs :ant:

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Seriously??? I find Revolut one of the worst. Really like Monzo UI… ok the payments/direct debit stuff can be improved (Starling is better on that side) but overall I find Monzo beats everyone else hands down