Confirm Tax Residency Prompt

Just opened my app and was asked to confirm my tax residency.

First time I’ve ever seen it. Wondering if this was triggered somehow (no idea why given I am UK based, earn all my money here, etc etc), or if it happens periodically, or something more random?

Edit: not sure which mod changed this to the help section, but I’m neither asking for help nor worried. Was just interested as had never seen this, so posted!


I’ve been with Monzo a while now and not seen this before. Could just he a random check. Paging @Anarchist . Have you seen this before?

I’ve been with Monzo since 2016 and I’ve just had this prompt pop up.
It asked for tax residency and my national insurance number.

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I had this pop up too , must be a new thing to check that customer details are up to date.

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I feel like I should expect it to pop up now

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Just had it pop up too. Been with Monzo since the start, so imagine it’s just a regulatory check where they have to verify it

I wonder if it’s inline with the “investigation” or something that was announced in the annual report. :sweat_smile:

I didn’t have to give a national insurance number however.

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Are you sure you’ve paged the right person?

As it happens, I have seen it come up once, last year, I think.

Yep, I had that today too. Coincided with me making a large-ish transaction - coincidence probably but I don’t know for certain.

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I just opened the app and it was there

No NI number request for me either

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Yes its right if your in the UK just put in your National Insurance number that all.

It didn’t ask me for it. There was nowhere to enter it

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Yeah I didn’t have any NI pop up. Just asked me to confirm still UK as on the second screen above.

Interesting to see a lot of us are being checked!

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Getting things ready for something that rhymes with ‘wrecks it’?


Its the Law now. But its says United Kingdom in your 3rd Screen so you don’t need to do anything

Wasn’t sure if you knew anyone from Monzo that can be brought into the thread

Same for me - entry popped up in the feed (Joint Account feed only, nothing in Personal account feed) - asked to go through the process of confirming my Tax residency, even though it was already set in my settings via my Personal account :thinking:


Had the same happen. Might just seem like a routine check to make sure nothing changed?


Definitely does, I’ll post if I get the same prompt. Checked in my settings and it says United Kingdom

I got the notification too but not sure how they determined this as my tax residency :confused:


It’s a nice place to be. Is there something you’re not telling us?