App crash when trying to view category that includes loan payments in monthly summary

I recently recatagorised my loan payments from general to finances. Trying to view the category in the monthly summaries causes app to crash and reopen.

Details to reproduce:
Open a category in monthly in current or previous month’s that includes my loan payment and app restarts.

android 9
Moto g6
App Version:

You probably just need to reinstall the app as that generally fixes odd issues like this.

Delete the app.
Restart your phone.
Reinstall the app.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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:point_up: Try this as @Ordog suggests.

I’ve just changed several transactions from General to Finances, tapped on the ‘Finances’ item in Summary and a list of the categorised transactions is shown as it should be, without any issue.

(Pixel 2XL, Android 11 beta2, Monzo beta 3.41.1)

I’ve cleared cache day, removed app data and reinstalled. Still have the issue.

What if you re-categorise them as ‘General’ - does the app still crash if you tap on ‘General’ in Summary after changing them?

Alas still crashes

I’ve got the same issue, reinstalled completely and still broken.

So it’s linked to the Loan aspect of the transaction, rather than the category?

Or maybe the bug comes into play when you change the category for the first time on a Loan transaction?

I’d report this to in-app chat too, if not already. Sounds like a :bug:

I was going to report to chat but the in-app help workflow for reporting bugs directs you to this forum.

I wonder if @AlanDoe could prod a relevant member of staff to have a look and see if they can offer any input.

Hey @Cheeryfella,

Thanks for reporting, we’re currently looking into this and hope to have a fix in place soon!