Summary not recording transaction in specific category

I have some bank transfers to pay my kids pocket money, they are under the existing ‘family’ category and I have included this within a family budget. When these are paid and I go to the budget/summary section, they do not show, and my family budget shows as £0 spend.
This has been the same for some time and its pretty frustrating.
Details to reproduce:
Allocate a repeating spend (bank transfer) to family. Set a budget. Check summary once transfer has occurred, confirm nothing has registered within that category spend this month.
Samsung s10e
App Version:


Do you have these marked as recurring payments?

If yes then are they in the committed spending section of your budget summary?

Thanks for replying. They are scheduled each month, so I guess that means they are reoccurring. They also show in my committed spend so it does look like that’s why they don’t show in the budget.

Not how I want it to behave though because I budget for that spend so want it to show in my summary so I get a full picture of my spending during the month. Is there any way around this or a toggle ?

No. All you can do is reduce your budget by the same amount.

The way the budgeting works is your budget is money you’ve decided to spend but scheduled payments is money that’s going out no matter what. So you set your budget excluding the recurring payments

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