✅ [API] Basic Information API seems incorrect

From https://www.fca.org.uk/firms/fca-mandated-information-current-account-services I found https://api.monzo.com/basic-information which gives Monzo’s status and details of products/services and some details seem incorrect/outdated:

product: Monzo UK Retail Current Account AND Monzo UK Retail Joint Account
mobile_banking: Has check_balance, check_transactions, send_money_uk, send_money_international all false: I can do all those on my app!
telephone: send_money_uk and send_money_international are true - can we really do those by telephone?


@rika was looking in to it yesterday. Not sure where it got to

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Well spotted. I’ll get this fixed up asap. Thanks @richyb

In all honesty, sleep is about where it got to. :joy:

Simon and I are about to roll out the fix now. :tada:

Update: Done.