✅ "Some payments are failing"

Something is up:

We are currently unable to handle customer queries in-app or via phone.

Last time that happened was the Cassandra issue wasn’t it?


Yep think you’re right there, but concerning! Hopefully they get it sorted soon.

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And it’s all been going so well with both Cassandra and the new Faster Payments gateway :slight_smile:

Hopefully a swift kick will be delivered, virtually, to the box and all will be fine soon

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I just spotted this Tweet on the Monzo Status account. There’s a different email address as well.

I moved your post to an existing topic on this

hello used to be a general email and help was for customers

im guessing they are using that as its not backlogged


We have found the cause of the issues and we have resolved issues


Swift delivery of kick implemented


Good morning! Quick question: Did recent issue affected request to withdraw £ from Easy Access Savings Pot?
I am in Australia at the moment and made “Withdrawal” £400 yesterday at ~9pm UK time, notification in current account has displayed “upcoming” cash TOMORROW.
Do you execute customer requests as per actual UK time or customer based time zone?

Because after UK midnight time, upcoming transfer notification has changed to “tomorrow” 4am

So I did little experiment and requested withdrawal from ISA and same savings pot, after midnight UK time, £100 each.
Now, things got confusing , even T&C says one working day , notifications says that 2 last withdrawal will be in 2 days .

:roll_eyes::flushed::face_with_monocle: I’m bit confused

I think the transfers happen in GMT but the notifications are displayed in local time. 5pm is the usual default pot transfer time so 4am suggests a time zone conversion.


As OP, have added an :white_check_mark: to the title as I consider it fixed

I would be interested in finding out a bit nore about this point:

Please rest assured that we will do our best to make sure the same issue doesn’t happen again.

Not necessarily a major incident write up, but would be good to know which area caused issue and whether it was a recent change


Yes, they normally provide an explanation as to what happened.

I don’t expect it to be that quick a turnaround, as they need to have the internal LFE and then get to writing it up, but if it is notable then do hope so!

For a deep dive into what went wrong, yes. It would be nice to get an idea of what it was though, e.g. DB, third party, etc.

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