Anyone else using Pockit?

Does anyone else use Pockit?

I’ve been using it fine for more than a year - they pay cashback for places I actually use - but I’ve not been charged the monthly fee, or received cashback for July which is not normal. When I enquired my tiket was quickly closed without much help, so I’ve pulled my money off the card to be on the safe side…

Anyone else using them? If so - have you been charged 99p membership in July / when did you last get any cashback?

I used to use it. Until I did a bank transfer to pay a bill and entered the wrong reference, resulting in the funds being sent back. With a normal current account the funds would be returned to the account after a few days.

With Pockit, this didn’t happen. They sent me on a wild goose chase getting all kinds of information from the other company, which I did to no avail. I knew precisely what had happened - that the money was sitting in Pockit’s holding account and prompted them to look into this. But they swore blind for months they couldn’t find it and tried to close the case. I put in a complaint to the FOS and magically, they found it, loaded it to my account and gave £50 compo.

I withdrew the lot and never used them again.