Pockit, anyone tried it?

Anyone used pockit? Its another Monzo type card but offers cashback too although charges 99p for certain actions

(i’m sticking with Monzo, but curious if anyone tried it and what it’s like)

While they charge 99p for UK ATM withdrawals they do offer “international transfers to countries using the Euro, and to Poland” which something lacking from the Monzo prepaid card

For a start I really hate the design of their website and their card, and at the end of the day it’s a prepaid card so it’s likely to get refused at some places, not to mention lacks offline capabilities (could be an issue for fuel stations, etc).

I started to use it at the same time as monzo.
It just felt clunky and nowhere near as easy to use as monzo.

Its gathering dust for the last 6 months now

I really should check if i have money on there still