Turning Off Early Pay

Hey there, I was wondering if anyone knew how to turn off the paid early feature. any feedback is appreciated

Thank You

I think you can just ignore it. My partner absolutely doesn’t. But you can.

Hi there Jack,

Paid Early only works if you take a physical action in the app. If you simply ignore it, you’ll get paid at the normal time.


The great thing about the paid early early feature is that it applies to all BACS payments. So even if you don’t want to use it for your salary, it’s still available for various refunds (e.g. Delay Repay for a late train, expenses payments from your employer). I use it on those, it’s a nice little benefit.

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Cashback (Quidco & Topcashback) and refunds are my main two :smiley:

Same here, that 10p coming in 8 hours early makes all the difference


:rofl: Don’t think I’d go to the effort of using a cashback site for 10p.

As an example my last one was £70 which was nice to get early before the weekend :sunglasses:

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I do get the occasional bumper payout like that, but mostly it’s the odd pennies (from takeaways usually). I’m surprised TCB don’t have a minimum payout threshold like Quidco, who are very mean and make you wait till you’ve got £1, which when photographing receipts for 1p a pop takes quite some time :roll_eyes:

Ahhhh, I would have thought that they would have a minimum withdrawal. To be honest I don’t use it as much as I should, I just search on there when I’m making a big purchase like a new contract, laptop etc.

Most of the time I just use Honey which saves me quite a lot.

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Hmmm interesting. Thanks!!

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