Hey guys,

Not sure if this is the right place to post but wanted to give experiences on Earnt.it.

They have just started the roll out process and onboarding pretty quickly.
They say they do not do ant credit checks and its like a advance on wages.
Limits are small at the moment and go up to £100 when you cash this out payment is taken on your payday with an added £10 on top for the service. Thats literally it.
The connect just like IFTTT on a read only basis to see what income you have comming in.

Ive been on the waitlist for a few weeks if i remeber right and was emailed on the weekend to say they are starting today.
Onboarding was pretty simple however its only desktop that is working at the moment and not mobile.
once singed up / verrified and approved ( all in a matter of an hour ) i cashed out and it took about 15 mins to reach my account.

overall i am very happy and seems alot simpler to use compared to portify.
The dashboard is very simple but again this is the first few stages and i am aware that they will be adding more things in the future.

Im curious too see if anyone else has used Earnt.it yet or in the onbarding process?

Again sorry if it is not in the right place.

Every time you withdraw £100, you’ll be £10 worse off next month? Is that how it works?

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Got a website? earnt.it doesn’t exist for me

@hdlondon So I just spotted you are the founder, isn’t it worth getting a contact in Italy and buying the domain before someone squats?

haha pretty much yeah but it works out cheaper then paying od fees with them changing.

Looks to me like pay day lending but at a much lower interest rate.

They will give you your wages in advance of when you need them but will then take 10% of them as reward. Which then leaves you 10% down until the next period and that cycle continues.

This sort of lending stinks but I understand why people with no savings need it.

Unless I’ve completly misinterpreted the concept which is possible :grinning:


Depends on how much your overdraft is costing, I guess.

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Yeah i get exactly what you mean.

it is in essence a cheaper alternative, I cannot see everyone being for it but if the option is there i suppose its better to turn to earnt it rather then say the likes of everday loans ect where they can get away with charging so much in intrest for so little.
comparing it to say the likes of portify who do they same thing they charge 6.99 a month but have higer limits so again its still the same cycle but if needs must its a cheaper alternative.

im not sure what you mean there ? i am not the founder lol .

@hdlondon who quickly found this thread and posted a link to the website is the founder of Earnt.it

It was just a comment that they are missing a trick not buying the .it domain which is still available to buy as of this post.

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Yeah, the current address looks dodgy :see_no_evil:

oh sorry i misread.

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When on boarding i did state that the site is not easy to find at all and when you google them it comes up with the weekend haha

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Hey everyone, we are currently doing closed testing with a few users. You can view our website on www.earnt-it.com.

Hey @phildawson, probably would be a good idea to buy up the different country domains :slight_smile:

For the sake of £15 I would do it this second. :wink:

Looks like it’s been taken now :wink:

Thanks for the heads up. I owe you coffee / drink.

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Hey @Lynw, I really appreciate you taking the time to write your feedback here. We’ll get to work on your feedback.

Thank you for testing the product for us.


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Hi Sam, can you explain the comparative “representative APR” calculation on your website? I know you charge a fixed fee, not interest, but if I’m borrowing £100 today and paying back £100 plus a £10 fee when I get paid next week, surely that’s not the equivalent of a 10% APR? Or am I misunderstanding how the product works - it’s possible as there’s not a lot of info on the website. Cheers!

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