Halifax unable to send to Monzo account


I tried to send money from my Halifax account to my Monzo account, but the Halifax app said it was unable to to send as recipients bank does not accept faster payments…any ideas?

(Herp Derp) #2

Yeah contact customer service via in app chat or help@monzo,com then when it’s fixed dump Halifax and make Monzo your main account.

EDIT: Might be a Halifax issue so might need to contact them also

(Shazaib Aslam) #3

Think it might be your account, I used The Halifax app to transfer to my monzo just yesterday worth call Halifax,

(👨‍💻) #4

I have transferred lots of money from my Halifax account, so it’s not an issue I have experienced.

Hope you get it sorted.

(Valeri) #5

Same, I transferred some just today without any issues. Have you checked if you’ve put your numbers right?

(Matt) #6

This sounds an issue on the Halifax end so firstly I would double and triple check the account information you have added to Halifax is correct.

If this is still not working then I’d contact Halifax.


Thanks guys. All sorted. I deleted the payment details and did it again and it all went through in seconds!

(Jack Donovan) #8

I was just about to say check the account details. This error normally means the account is invalid :sunglasses: