Any updates?

It’s not ‘spoons. It’s people being allowed to travel abroad again, etc. That might be enough for them to release new Plus and whatever other features they’ve been working on

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Personally, I don’t think that will be enough.

Given we’re all set for a huge recession, my feeling would be the whole business model of Plus will be reviewed.

As people will be travelling less, spending less, it’s possible the Plus solution doesn’t fit what a post-COVID/ recession / consumer needs or wants.

Will be interesting to see developments but I don’t think it will be as clear cut as it’s comes back fully once travel restrictions are lifted


That would be quite disappointing. If no change by autumn I’ll have to move back to my legacy bank as they offer more value at the moment:

Cashback from select retailers, money back for direct debits and also could bundle my breakdown cover in

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I would be surprised if Monzo offer cashback in plus

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Not really looking for that specifically, it’s just one way my legacy bank can bribe me to go back to them

If Monzo can produce a good Plus offering and introduce the linked accounts etc that they’ve been teasing that will be enough to make me stay. Otherwise money talks


My point about Spoons was flippant, but holidays aren’t back to normal. Travel insurance etc is going to tricky.

I don’t see it being this year.


Hopefully they will release a Plus-lite or maybe one of the bundles - reworked for COVID

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If I remember correctly their plan was to look into the possibility of a stripped back version for the interim. That seems like the most logical thing to do as I can’t see us being covid free with things back to normal for a long time yet.

If you’re eyeing up a package from a legacy bank personally I’d go with that. Monzo are not going to be able to compete with them yet. Plus in my opinion is for those who support Monzo and/or don’t mind forgoing a few things to keep everything under one roof.

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I think I’d actually prefer a stripped back version overall if the key component it lacks is insurance.

I know I’m in the minority, but I really liked the idea of the modular approach they wanted to do with the previous version. I don’t necessarily think it was the idea behind the old plus that was flawed either, I think it was the execution and implementation.


I’d have loved them to have seen that idea through. I personally think that they threw in the towel too early :pensive:


I am in this camp, I wouldn’t mind supporting Monzo if they actually got their crap together and made some changes. But if they’re just letting the competition leave them in the dust (even despite coronavirus), then a point will come where I have to accept it and move on


I think the issue is, it isn’t profitable for Monzo or it would be very easy to find a better deal elsewhere

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I think a clever thing for Monzo to do right now, and I reckon quite an easy thing to do would be to release the oh so famous metal card on a Plus package for people that just want the special card - they wouldn’t need to offer any deals or insurance or anything like that, literally just make a plan where people pay an amount per month for Monzo Metal. It’s dumb that people actually spend their money on a different card material - but I am one of those people and that’s the main reason I stuck with Monzo Plus in the first place :man_shrugging:

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That’s making the assumption that Monzo are even going for the same kind of approach as the legacy banks

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Personally I think it’s a terrible idea. You’re right that there’s people that will pay for a card but those people are limited.

This is the last chance to get Plus right. People are waiting and willing to pay monthly, but drip feeding parts of it will only make it worse and for the sake of a few grand, they’d be better off waiting.

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I mean that’s fair enough, each to their own. But from what I can see, a fair amount of the community just want something to get excited about, almost like just making sure Monzo Devs are still alive and working.

I think publishing something like what I mentioned above would yes, generate a few grand but also, just be something small that lets everybody know monzo is still in town.


But we are a very small % of customers.

I want plus to be good and if it suits me, I’ll pay for it. But I’m not paying a subscription for a card change.

If there was an option to buy a metal card as one off, and of course the card was good I would likely splurge for it. But I imagine my price point and Monzo’s are wildy different.

I think the end problem with the pick and mix approach was that it’s still always more cost effective to get a wider policy, and the amount of personalisation you could do still wasn’t enough to be properly personalised. Edit to clarify: I would prefer tailored/semi tailored with pick and mix style over broad generic cover, but the tailoring ability is important.

I think even when you did sign up you only had one option for each of the add ons. I looked at the home insurance for a bit, and it just didn’t have enough cover.

I’ve ended up getting a Nationwide Plus account simply for family Phone insurance and Travel - has the widest scope of cover I can forsee needing at the moment.

I do still hope for more advanced budgeting features in New Plus - providing they are worth paying for - which for me means needs to compete with YNAB. But I do hope it’s not ‘artificial’ value like more pots or that sort of thing.

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