Antibacterial Bank Cards

Before I start, I know Coronavirus is a virus not bacteria…

Shopping trolleys and other surfaces use antibacterial coatings, money is a vector of disease, cards often sit in our trousers next to our groins (sorry for the image you now have…). Behold, anti-bacterial coatings on Monzo cards. Now that we’re all clean freaks surely this is the ONLY way to go.

You’re welcome… :slight_smile:

Is plastic a good breeding ground for bacteria?

Especially a card that only goes in your own hands or pockets as you mentioned?

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That’s what you’ve got an immune system for.


This is why we need copper Monzo cards now :credit_card:

:mask: We’ll all be infected by the time Monzo get round to releasing their metal cards



Or to eliminate groins :woman_shrugging:


Just wash your groins every hour for at least 30 seconds


This is crackers!

I don’t know about you but I’m not licking my Monzo card. Also aren’t most cards in wallets, so it would be the wallets in trousers next to dirty parts that would need the coating instead anyway?

|'m all for keeping safe and healthy, but doubt protecting a card would have much impact. I mean, mobile phones.

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Yes. Wasn’t quite sure if brilliant or nuts…

This thread is the dogs

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Remember to pick your song for washing hands - Happy Birthday is so old skool!


If anything silver has antibacterial properties :sweat_smile:

You can also try microwaving your card to kill any microbes…

I like that idea! If you could make it retain heat it could double as a pocket/hand warmer too :laughing:

The contactless aerial should get pretty hot, yes.

Hmm can I get trademarked please? “Contactless warmth”

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This is utterly ridiculous.

What we REALLY need is a hovering, shielded, card that follows us around. The shield can be run of a low power chip, and will provide a completely air-tight environment for the card. With the power of our minds we can instruct the card to move ‘tap’ when needed.

Come on MONZO!!

I think what we really need, is an instrument for payment that is single-use only. That way you minimise the possible contamination routes, since you and all the shop keepers wouldn’t have touched the same one a million times.

I mean, sure you’d probably need to keep track of who you are paying what - so maybe you’d need to write on it with pen or something, the amount you want to pay?

And I reckon we could make it out of paper! Stop all that plastic getting into the ocean you see.

It might take a bit longer for shop-keeps to get their money though.


:thinking: :face_with_monocle:

Whilst both are good at disrupting cell walls of bacteria, copper is regarded as a better biocide due to cu++ which produces a superoxide which is highly toxic to bacteria (which silver isn’t capable of doing).

Silver would look fancy though.