Card verification has not worked for six months

I’ve had an account for a few years with no issues, really enjoyed the service. However six months ago I upgraded my phone, and when I tried to add my monzo card to Apple Pay it was not able to verify the card. I have contacted monzo multiple times to try and resolve this before the COVID situation and a few times during. I was told at one point that someone was working on it and it should be resolved soon… nothing…

Now you are impossible to contact and the problem remains, I have tried resetting every aspect of my card, app and phone apart from factory resetting it and nothing has worked. Can someone please address this because at this point I think it would be easier to switch banks than fix a bug.

[edit] Issue resolved, anyone with the same problem, I replied to the solution in the comments. Thanks to the solver

You’re probably right.

The usual solution to this is to remove any Monzo cards from Wallet, then delete the app and download it again from the App Store.

Also, don’t add the card from the app, add it directly into Wallet.

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To contact Monzo directly, Search ‘contact us’ in the help section of the app.

But someone more familiar with Apple pay may be able to help.

That’s a shockingly poor experience.

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Perhaps he should go to NatWest.


I’d like to think any bank, however poor they are, could fix a problem as simple as this within six months rather than having to change banks.

If you have a search there’s been a few topics with solutions as this seems to happen when adding new cards/upgrading phones etc.

Thank you, you’re right that a few others have had the same problem. Found the solution which was to try to add the card again without deleting the original attempt. Pretty silly that’s what’s required but at least it finally works.


A 6 month problem fixed in half hour.

Monzo forum > Monzo support.

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As Revels has pointed out: Oooh there it is. The Monzo criticism. Yaaaawn.

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Glad to hear the solution has now been found @dsimpson

We’ll always take feedback on board and if you feel unhappy about the level of service you’ve received then this is something we can address through our in app support.

As the issue is resolved - I’m going to go ahead and close the Topic.