Annoying Button ("Make Monzo my main account")

(Chris Rimell) #42

It was an accidental discovery for me haha

Perhaps someone on iOS or Monzo could tell us if there are other dissmissable prompts… iOS should normally have the x button by design


Bump for this. Monzo is my main account and would love to get rid of the button.

(Tom ) #44

Same for me. I’d like any messages like this, which are advisory or informational to be ‘dismissable’.

(Matteo Scotton) #45

So the “Make Monzo my main account” option on the account section needs to go away now.

For me Monzo is already my main account, so I don’t need this perminantly here. I thought it would be good to see an option once you click on to this, to tell Monzo that this is already the main account.

You could even be prompted to share this news via social media, but I’m not fully convinced that I even like that idea.

I just think any way to remove this banner from perminantly being there would be good. And some extra uses for it might also be nice too.

(Andy) #46

Check out this post - it’s quite a basic A/B test. Hopefully be taken off and refined once it’s run it’s course!

(Tom ) #47

I wonder if there’s any update on this?

(Jonathon) #48

I’ve used Monzo as my main account for what feels like ever now, and my salary is in my account and all DD etc etc

I just used that button to do CASS to close an old account (easier than actually going to the bank) and it’s still there. I mean… what basic rules are in place that everything I’ve done doesn’t tell your systems I’m with you as my main account :joy:


Doesn’t seem to be any rules for telling it that you already are full monzo and it shouldn’t be showing :frowning:

(Jonathon) #50

I just assumed from Monzo’s previous post that they were looking at basic cues right now. I’m struggling to see what cues they are using if not what I’ve done! :joy:

(Dan) #51

It’s still there for me too… it’s annoying but I’ve given up and come to accept its there for the foreseeable :joy:


@simonb - Is there any way to remove this button?

I like simple things (I’m a simple person!), and this button is a tad annoying now.


(Chris Rimell) #53

Pretty please… I want to remove it too :blush:

(Dan) #54

This is another thing linked into my post here… Pots Goals are now out of Labs!

What are you doing Monzo!?!

@simonb you said this was a small test with a few users… over a month later it’s still there… pull yourselves together before people lose faith… and no one wants that :frowning:


Nagging people to do something they don’t want to do, will always have the opposite effect :wink: This has to go or you will look desperate to force people to go full Monzo. Let them make informed choices instead. :smirk:

(Alex Sherwood) #56

It’s not nagging, it’s completely out of the way, no one’s being pressured to do anything.

Relax, Monzo will give us something better than this, it’s a placeholder / design hack to give us access to the functionality without making a big design change. ‘Fixing’ it’s obviously not going to be a priority.


I am relaxed :joy:

(Alex Sherwood) #58

I’m glad to hear it :slight_smile:

(Simon B) #59

I’ve just raised this again with the Product team to see what the latest is, lemme get back to you on this :slightly_smiling_face:

(Dawid) #60

You’re right but I still think that all those things do not equal “main account”. It’s very subjective what it means that a certain bank account is your main.

Do I consider my Mozno main account? Yes but I don’t keep the most of my money there, salary is irregular (freelance), don’t have DDs at all