Remove 'Switch to Monzo' after Switch

I went “Full Monzo” in terms of making them my main bank account using CASS a while ago.

What I find just a little annoying is when I go to the profile page, It still gives me the Button for “Switch to Monzo”.

Can this be removed for people that have already done it?

I know, it’s not an issue of sorts, just a personal preference.

Agreed! It should still be an option buried in the app somewhere maybe (in case you needed to pull in a second account perhaps) but to have it there prominently after I have already switched is a bit untidy!

Maybe also have it so you can click on it and select an ‘I have already switched to Monzo’ for those who have manually switched would be good


I agree that there should be a way of choosing to hide it but I don’t think it should be automatic.

I used the CASS to close 3 bank accounts with other banks and having it auto hidden after one of them would have been annoying.


Have to admit, naively so, didn’t think about CASS’ing multiple accounts to one. Wasn’t even aware that was possible.

Obviously a valid reason for it to stay.

Maybe just a way to hide it then :slight_smile:


Why bother? It’s already a bit out of the way and it’s not like the space is needed for something else so what benefit does removing it actually give anyone?

This isn’t a huge deal, but it does feel to me like Monzo are missing something by not updating it when I am full Monzo. It feels like the data isn’t being used how I expect it to, to make changes based on my own account. There’s just something about seeing something that isn’t personal to me that doesn’t sit right.

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Sort of on this topic, it annoys me that use a CASS is one of the badge requirements. I went full Monzo before the CASS was an option, and because of that it means I’ll never be able to get the Full Monzo badge.

I know it’s very not important and wouldn’t want Monzo to prioritize it over other useful things, but since the badges are most likely to appeal to people who are really enthusiastic about Monzo, and thus more early adopters etc, it seems weird that most of them won’t be able to achieve the badge. Having an unachievable badge for me is worse than just not having badges at all.


Yea this :laughing:

I went full Monzo (which, in this instance, means salary paid in) manually. And yet my little tick box was asking me to go Full Monzo. My OCD couldn’t take it :joy::joy:

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I’ve switched 2 accounts to Monzo and in the future might switch another so I can see the benefits of keeping this switch after using it once.