Annoying Button ("Make Monzo my main account")

So today I logged into the app and was greeted by this annoying button…


Make Monzo my main account…

The reason this is annoying is that Monzo has been my main account since I joined Monzo… I pay all my bills from Monzo and get my salary paid into Monzo… surely it should be smart enough to know by my usage of the account it’s my main account and not bug me with annoying buttons that clutter the screen?

Rant over :blush:


Hmm that’s odd, I don’t have that button and :monzo: is not my main bank :thinking:

I don’t have that and I don’t have my salary paid into Monzo.
I wonder if its because I’ve used the current account switch service (for switching over some direct debits).

I also don’t have that button to the right of the balance just above the card - what is that for?

@o99 - I didn’t use the CASS as when I joined Monzo they didn’t offer it. I did it all manually…

As for the little shop icon, its because I beta test the Marketplace for Monzo - its very much Alpha testing though…

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This is a small experiment we’re running to get some data about what UI clues and visual tips may encourage people to use Monzo as their main account.

However I wholeheartedly agree that it shouldn’t be showing if that’s already the case! I’ll feed this back to the product team.


Ahhh I see :slight_smile:
I guess it just needs to learn a bit more :see_no_evil:

Thanks for letting me know Simon, hopefully it will disappear soon


I saw this recently too. I tried to go through as far as I could to make it think I had completed the steps but its still there. :frowning:
Monzo is my full account. I have my salary paid in, direct debits and I used the partial CASS.

Android Beta Build

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This implementation is quite basic, we are looking into the right cues that would indicate a user is already using Monzo as their main account - potentially checking if a CASS switch has been done.


A few things to feedback… I am sure the product team are aware but I’d have thought it would check the following…

  • Has CASS been used
  • Recent account activity
  • Large recurring monthly deposits
  • Number of DD’s
  • If Salary is selected in Summary

If it used that information I’m sure I wouldn’t have got the message…


If it helps with debugging, I have used a full switch from CASS but also get this message. Could it be in any way to do with the joint account (which obviously hasn’t had CASS used!) or was it just coincidental timing?

I have this too. I manually told my work to pay into my Monzo account and moved the few DD’s from my old acvount over so I’ll never need to do a CASS.

Overall I’ll never need the button in app. I was also hoping going through the manual steps would clear the option/message in app.


I see this, but I already use Monzo as my main personal account.

Most of our bills are paid from a separate joint account & the rest are paid from a separate bills account.l

I like it this way. All my bill money, add a little savings money, goes out in two standing orders right after pay day. The rest is mine.

I have no intention of changing my system, so the ability to get rid of this button would be nice.
That said, it’s not a huge deal.

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I think buttons like this (and the “1” in an orange circle to send a golden ticket), should have the ability to be turned off/removed.

There may be plenty of people who would find it useful, but there’ll also be plenty of people who get irritated by it.

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I have this button, possibly since a reinstall last night. Not sure if I had it before, but i am also already #fullmonzo

I’m not full Monzo and won’t be for a good long while (if ever) and my thought process was:~

Convince me stage:

  • Summary: nobody made clear when the date flexibility was fixed (i.e. paid on the last working day is not just paid on the 30th) which was the major reason why I hadn’t set a “salary”
  • I already separate bills from day-to-day spending by not going full monzo
  • Targets have come to Android but I find myself mostly ignoring them :hushed:

Let’s do it stage:

  • I liked the template letter to HR
  • As above, there’s not a great argument for a reason why to move bills if you already separate things
    • Maybe mention the bill tracker?
  • I think asking to setup a standing order out to pay bills is a little grasping at straws, but I see why it’s there

The thing that’s really going to convince me to switch are features - my setup prepares for higher than expected bills (committed spending + %), it saves for yearly payments (pots transfers a tad more complex than IFTTT) and lets me be “paid” on the day I choose (YNAB principles).

Add me to the list of those irritated by UI we can’t dismiss (committed spending, blank categories etc…).


Yeah I moved everything to monzo a while back then moved everything back out for various reasons.

Shows for me and is kinda annoying. But I don’t spend that much time on this page so no biggie

Button is a bit redundant for me too. I get my salary paid in, have various DDs and Standing Orders, but didn’t use CASS. Would be nice if there was a way to dismiss it :slight_smile:

The button is redundant to me too. Not because I have money my salary over - I haven’t yet - but getting the nudge to switch it over is not the reason I am not fully switching to Monzo. Monzo simply hasn’t got the features I request yet. I have also consolidated 3 old current accounts into Monzo so having a CASS flag isn’t always accurate either.

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I also have this, I’m already full Monzo.

I think it’s ok for people who aren’t. The little tour of features etc it gives you is nice.

It’s also showing for me - and I’m most definitely #fullmonzo