UI bug in change budget screen

Budget amount in the “update budget” view incorrectly displays the “typical” amount when trying to disable a budget or set its value to 0.
Details to reproduce:

  1. Create a budget for a category
  2. Spend any amount of money in that category
  3. Wait until the next month (So the previously spent amount displays as “£X spent last month” in the budget update screen)
  4. Try to set the budget for that category to £0, or press the numeric value then hit “Disable budget” in the popup menu
  5. Note that the budget value appears to have jumped back up to the amount shown in “£X spent last month” (i.e., the value between the - and + is now the same as what was spent last month).
  6. Note that the budget has actually been updated correctly as in the “Current month” screen, the budget is no longer set (as was desired).

This can be repeated reliably - spamming “-” to lower the budget to zero will repeately reset it to what was spent last month.

Android 10
OnePlus 7
App Version:


This bug looks to have been around for at least a year: [Android] '-' button when setting budget amounts doesn't always set to 0

(sorry for the duplicate I didn’t find that issue when searching initially)

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