Timezone when using card abroad

(Ranj Kanag) #1

I’ve been using my current account card in the US. I’ve noticed that my transaction list times are based on the time in the UK and not in the US.

For example, Monzo shows me a ‘Spent today’ summary at the top of the main page. It’s 5pm now in San Francisco and midnight in the UK. The value displayed has already reset to £0 indicating to me that the clock has ticked over to the next day. I think the app should be cleverer and detect that I’m in a non UK time zone and adjust my ‘Spent today’ value to reflect the timezone I’m in.

(Peter Roberts) #2

Would you have it reformat your entire feed with the boundaries for whatever your local timezone is as well? I bet all of that is probably fixed at UK time right now

(Andy Little) #3

It probably makes the most sense to store UTC time for each transaction as well as the UTC offset for your current location.

Then you can base spent today on today local time but leave older feed items in your usual local time.

Transactions abroad could even show UK time and abroad time.

(Simon B) #4

Hey Ranj, this is correct - “Spent Today” is locked to BST. GMT

This is something we plan to address in the future but we don’t have an ETA on it right now, I’m afraid!

Transaction times/days when abroad
(Simon Turp) #5

Surely this should be GMT seeing as we are now out of BST?

(Simon B) #6

True! My mistake. I got used to saying that :joy:


It needs to be stored in a way that lunch is lunch! If I eat out in the evening in Taiwan, I don’t want that to appear in the lunch search when I get back to the UK. Trivial example but you get the gist.

(Steve bates) #8

I found the spent ‘today’ when travelling to be confusing. I’m in Boston for the past few days, and was surprised when my spend today included last nigts meal. (yep I know its not a massive problem) :grinning:
To do this better the spend today needs to reflect local Timezone. To do this Monzo needs to track the prior 24hours worth of Timezones that the App is in or use data from card present transactions. If the user has been in the same Timezone for prior 24 hours this is the timezone that should be used to calculate the daily spend (and presnt all transactions in)
If the user has been in 2 or more Timezones in prior 24 hours things are more complicated. You can pick the Timezone that gives the longest ‘day’ (Ie the one in which 1AM was longest ago) the most current timezone, or instead of ‘today’ calculate prior 24hr spend.

It is right that all transactions are logged and recorded in UTC. however the transactions can be more meaningful when presented based on the local timezone. The iphone automatically switches timezone - So I dont see why Monzo should behave differently.