Travel Summary Notification

What happened to the summary you used to get when you get home from abroad? I am sure there used to be a notification which told you what you spent abroad during the period? This was very useful…

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It still exists.

Where/when did you go?

Spain, got back 3 days ago, have used card in UK since…

Actually I don’t think I got it either in Easter on iOS.

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I got it yesterday after a few days in spain


Would be interesting to know what actually triggers this.

Got one as I landed home from Italy yesterday whilst at Gatwick

I got one from Lanzarote the other week.

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You often get it the next time you make a transaction in GBP (because that’s when they figure out you’re not abroad, I guess)?

Is it an iOS / Android parity thing again?

I wonder if @TomMills will fill us in on his return

Did you accidentally @ me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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It was purposefully done, but you don’t work for that team, so I edited it

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Perhaps it needs to be an in person transaction. The only transactions I have made since returning are “online”