[Android] Unable to save statements

Update: As of version 2.2.0 this issue is fixed.

No option to save statement locally - only share via another app

Details to reproduce:
Choose to download a statement. Export in any format. Select format and a new window ‘Share with’ pops up with options to share via Google Drive etc. But no save local.

Android 8.1
Android 7.1.2


Xiaomi Redmi S1 (8.1)
LG G3 (7.1.2)

App Version:

The app has local storage permissions.

Is this a bug, or are we only allowed to share via another app?

Do you have an option to create PDF? You might need to do this then save locally

when you download as PDF, touch the three dots on the top right then click download that should save locally, hope that helps

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No. No option to create PDF. As stated, only the option box ‘Share with’.

No option to download. Just the download icon. Press, then new window with “how would you like to export these transactions”. Various formats to choose. Clicking any will bring up a share with dialog box.

No option to save