Downloadable transaction

Hi everyone, I am sure this has come up in the past but is there going to be a feature allowing downloadable transactions please? I rely on accounting software and this missing feature is the only real thing preventing me from using this account fully.


Are we talking automated syncing with your accounting software (which one?), or just the ability to download transactions?

You can already download your statements in PDF, CSV or QIF from your profile page in app if that helps.

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See, I thought this was the case too - but I can only see PDF statements now. Has this export feature been binned, or moved somewhere I can’t find?

It’s at the bottom of the summary page :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah - of course it’s there. Totally obvious place to put it.

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It’s weird that you don’t get the same exporting options within your statements section in the account page though.

You do on Android :slight_smile:

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thanks everyone found it!


I too use the transaction download to capture my spending in a financial app. The only options you have to download are the current month or All. If I am lax in downloading my previous month’s transactions the only option is to use ‘All’. As my use of Monzo continues this will download a great deal of duplicate transactions. An option to select the month would be useful.