App not working 27/08/19

App won’t open, hangs on logo and then says app stopped working. Android updated, tried deleting and reinstalling the app and restarted phone and it’s still doing it. Any solutions?

Are you on the beta? Or just normal Android version? If so may be worth dropping into (or off) to see if it makes a difference?

I just checked and I’m updated as far as I can but that’s only android 7.1.1. not on beta I don’t think

If you go to the play store, then to Monzo you should be able to register for the beta, see if it makes a difference.

Didn’t work unfortunately. Any other suggestions?

Email or phone the number on the back of your card

Does your default camera app work?

Is your sound off, on do not disturb or vibrate? If it is, make sure it is on (check by seeing if other apps make noises)

Monzo needs access the your device Storage and Camera and uses them for the initial video ID confirmation. A recent similar report ended up exposing that if Sound wasn’t ‘on’, the app would quickly stop running.

Nope, I was just thinking this. My phone got wet the other day and my camera has stopped working so it could be that.
Strangely it did work while charging and on WiFi this morning but hasn’t worked since.

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That’ll be it. Someone else had a camera that wasn’t working and it wasn’t until they got it working could they complete the Monzo sign-up.