Android pay verification - outdated mobile number


I am trying to setup android pay, but the mobile number displayed within the “Verify your card” screen is an old one I was using before moving to the UK.

I went through my google account and made sure this number has been removed everywhere and that my current number is the default one, but the old number it keeps popping in Android Pay’s verification screen.

At the bottom of the screen it says:
“Not seeing your current info? Contact your bank to update it”

Is is possible that the old number was somehow transferred to Monzo ?


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Hey @ShingoTamai!

Have you checked that the number has been updated on your Monzo account? That’s the number that is used to verify the card so if it does need updating you can contact in pp chat and they’ll be able to sort this out for you :slight_smile:

My current UK number is the number I have used to setup my Monzo account.

The number that keeps popping up is a foreign number that I could not have used with Monzo even if I wanted to. :slight_smile:

That is really weird :confused:

Contact COPs who will be able to take a look for you - it may need a poke!

I think it has to do with the craptastic way Google handles and let us edit our data.

As far as I know, the card verification is all done by whichever bank you are verifying with, using the information they hold for you (for obvious reasons!)

So yes, you need to talk to Monzo.

In the end it seems that Google transmitted my foreign mobile phone to Monzo.
I have no idea if this happened because it was set up as a primary phone in my Google account or because I was using a dual sim mobile.

I have sorted this out by asking Monzo to update my details; then when Android Pay f*cked up again - by showing a message saying “contact your bank” at an improbable 800 number - Monzo verified the card after I sent them a selfie.

Can’t imagine talking with Google if/when things go south with Android Pay.

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