Alternative way to verify Google Pay


I tried to set up my card via google pay. It said that I had to contact Monzo via a contact number. I called and spoke to a very friendly advisor who continued the conversation via in-app chat.

I was informed that to verify google pay : you have to :
1- confirm your date of birth.
2- take a selfie holding your Monzo card, covering the card number except the last 4 digits.

I tried to do the selfie but the camera resolution on my phone is very bad, and struggled getting the position in the right light to show the required information clearly, so couldn’t have my card activated after I spoke with a different customer service agent.

Also, I know a lot of people aren’t comfortable with taking selfies, and may struggle with this process.

Therefore, could an alternative verification method be found that people feel comfortable with? Maybe an idea could be that a code is sent to your in - app chat and you say that back to the agent on the telephone? or confirm security details over the phone that only the individual customer could possibly know? :slight_smile:


What version of Android are you running? I just get a text message which is then automatically read and confirmed after sticking in my card details.


I don’t know what version it is but I never got the otpion of a text message, I did change my phone number with customer support recently. When I tried to activate Google pay, it only gave me the option of ‘Call Bank’.

Oh that may be why. We’ll probably need to wait for someone else or someone from Monzo to comment as this is not the norm for adding a card to Google Pay.

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This is all it shows me.

Yeah, that’s pretty unusual. :face_with_monocle:

Yeah, I can confirm the usual way is for them to text you a code

Something’s probably triggered an anti-fraud measure and Monzo just want to double-check things before enabling Google Pay on your account (perhaps a recent merchant has been used in previous fraud attempts so they want to double check you are actually the account holder, perhaps everything is ‘too new’ [new on credit report, new on Monzo], perhaps Google has signified something unusual in the sign up flow [maybe you are through a VPN or not in the UK] or something else).

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