I can't verify my phone number on my Samsung

I’ve been trying to set up Monzo for a while but every time I do it I get to the point where I am asked to enter a code from a text I received and it just fails

screenshot removed

Hi Graeme,

Welcome to the community.

Firstly I’d blur out your phone number so you don’t get spammed or worse.
I’m sure none of the lovely people here would, but it’s better to be safe than sorry

Secondly, I’d send an email to help@monzo.com or give them a ring on 08008021281 and they’ll be the able to help you :slight_smile:

I removed your screenshot as it contained personal details

Have you tried to set up a monzo account before and not completed?

Sounds like your phone number has been used with Monzo before (probably during a prior set-up attempt?)

As @Addzy has said; email or call Monzo for help, we can’t fix this kind of error through the community, unfortunately.

Thank you Emma

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Oh oops I didn’t realize it had my number on it. Is it visible?

Graeme Chetcuti

Not now! Emma removed it so no-one can see it, although it was visible for about 14 minutes…

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